Friday, September 30, 2011

Lucky 13

BYU-UT State

The first half of this game was like some kind of uber-painful flashback--Heaps' junior-high-class performance had me wondering why Mendenhall doesn't just keep the defense in for the whole game--together with special teams they have outscored the offensive team by something like 3 to 1.

Joy returned to Happy Valley with the 4th quarter substitution of Riley Nelson (13), who in LESS than a quarters' time threw for 144 and RUSHED (yes, Heaps, that's when you run TOWARDS the line of scrimmage) for 62 yards. Oh, yah, and two TDs. SOOOoooooo. The celebration below ensued. Lets just say Facebook is rife with middle-aged women posting about their new love (sorry Edward), little Riley Nelson.

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